Center Policies

Arrivals and Departures

In order to maintain the safety and well being of the children in our care, we require that parents accompany their children into the facility.  We ask that parents notify the teacher in the classroom that the child is present.  Additionally parents must sign children in on the daily log provided for that purpose.  During the enrollment process the center director will give you instruction on how to sign in and out and will show you where the log is located.

At the end of the day children must be signed out when picked up by parents or authorized pickup person.  We ask that when picking up siblings, parents accompany their children through the building.  Persons under the age of eighteen are not permitted to pick up children from the center.


Child Pickup

Children will be released only to the person who has signed the enrollment application or to other persons who have been authorized by the enrolling parent/guardian.  Children will only be released to persons who have a written authorization to do so.  This information will be kept on file at our facility.  Upon arrival those authorized persons will be asked to provide photo proof of identification (driver’s license, work photo ID, etc.).  Any authorized pick up person must sign the child out on the sign in/sign out log.  Parents will not be permitted to phone in authorizations for pick up under any circumstances.


Late Pickup

We ask that all children are picked up in a timely manner each day.  We understand that from time to time things happen that make late pick up unavoidable. If you are going to be late picking up your child, please notify us immediately so that the staff is aware of the situation and can allay any concerns that your child might have.  If this situation should arise, please notify another adult, whose written authorization is on file, to pick up your child.  There is a fee for late pick up from our center (please refer to the Financial Agreement).

If a parent or authorized pick up person has not contacted us and a child is still at the center one hour after closing, the person in charge is authorized to notify the local authorities who will then assume custody of the child until the parent can be found.



Transportation for before and after school is provided via public school bus service to and from Lilburn Elementary. 1st Creative Learning Academy will provide transportation to and from the following schools via our transportation vehicle (s): Arcado Elementary, Nesbit Elementary, Hopkins Elementary and Rockbridge Elementary. Other schools may be added as needed. Parents must be responsible for transporting their children to and from the center.


Hours of Operation

1st Creative Learning Academy hours of operation vary by location.  Call the center you are interested in for more information.  All three centers are open daily, M-F, year round.


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